A Little About Me

In a nutshell, I’m a computer scientist who focuses on bioinformatics research, specifically in computationally undersaturated -omics fields. To me, this is an exciting place to be, because it is a place in which I can apply a good deal of critical thought and explore the depth of the field to organically develop new algorithmic solutions. I’m a PhD student and, while it’s a stressful lifestyle, I honestly love what I do. People often see their work as a burden, but to me, my research is my true passion.

The role of science in society is important to me, and I believe there is much to talk about regarding how we interact with science, especially computational science. I enjoy teaching and mentoring, and I am involved with several organizations dedicated to increasing women’s involvement in science. In addition, I am interested in how cultural and philosophical perspectives can impact our interactions with science and technology.

Take a look around, and perhaps you may find something of interest šŸ™‚


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